Focused to Gain More(A How To Guide) Using The Internet


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Applying Myself


10 Accomplishments I Made
Quit smoking cigarettes.                             6)   Buying a new car. 
Enrolled in college                                      7)   Grocery shopping.
Made president list twice.                           8)    Living to my expectation.
Graduated high school.                                9)   Becoming career oriented. 
Applied school to my general life.              10)  Getting my first job.

Without graduating from high school many of my accomplishments wouldn’t be possible. I believe that the education process is a hard ordeal that is well earned when learned properly. That is why it takes many years to achieve this satisfactory degree. When I was committed to finish my education I had nothing else on my mind, but to complete my education. Through determination I stayed on track and made many sacrifices to achieve my goal. Then I became encouraged to further my education beyond just a high school diploma. That is when I assured myself that a career college would be right for me. For me a high school diploma is more than a degree, it is a door opening to better and prospering opportunities.
Abilities/ skills that I used in my accomplishment
I was focused on completing my task
Organized my agenda according to my schedule
Developed actuality/ reality skills for problem solving
Determined on getting my diploma
Failure was obsolete to learning
Made better judgments when multiple choice was involved
Listening, reading, and learning new activities that helped develop my mind.

By being more efficient not only in school, but also in the working world is a foreground to learning who I am as a person. In my early youth, I managed to get a job as a dishwasher that later on prepared me for a strong and sturdy journey through life. Because it was my first job, many things that I had not known, was the same things that lead me through my learning experience. It felt old and new at the same time, because I was in a new environment, and I was for the first time working as a employee and coworker.
Abilities/skills that I used in my accomplishment
Applied team work to get something done.
Effectiveness of being on time.
Listening and following instructions.
The ability to perform under pressure.
Gain consciousness on how the working environment works. 

Continuing to grow is the way of life. That is why becoming career oriented is one of my accomplishments. With determination and hard work I will be more closer in reaching my desired goal. Career oriented doesn’t mean a hard working employee, but a job position that I love to do and that gives me joy in knowing what my occupation is waking up every morning brings people satisfaction.  Although a working life isn’t for everybody, but as I grow I realize how becoming it is to figure out what I want out of my life. Also it helps build character, turn a lazy person into an inspiring person who is willing to do work, and give a undecided person of what they want to do with their lives a opportunity to learn something new.
Abilities/skills I used in my accomplishment
Quitting isn’t a option when comes to a career
Providing for myself and others.
Making wise choices dealing with my everyday life.
Balancing my work life and social life.
Being sure if I am making the right career choice
Expect the unexpected
Values change while life seems to remain the same.